I continue to learn and am amazed by all the benefits of PEMF therapy!  Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is part of the planet. On average Earth puts of an electromagnetic field of 7.8hz (Low intensity).   Lightning is also delivery this energy very acutely 8-10 million times a day. In areas where lighting strikes on the high end of frequency they are correlated with lower cancer & disease rates.  Without lighting earth could not support life. What does this have to do with you? Our body is electromagnetic. PEMF Therapy can give your body the Electromagnetic energy it needs to thrive.

Every signal our brain send out is an electromagnetic message.  Our nervous system is our electrical system. Our cells need energy to operate at optimal levels.  What happens when our bodies don’t have enough energy? (low ph) We get pain, disease and chronic illness).  Science has proven that is our cells have enough electrical charge they will thrive. Healing is done through voltage.  Your first experience eon a PEWMF therapy machine will turn this lightbulb on right away. You will feel the pulses of energy travel directly to the area your body needs it and you will know exactly why.   PEMF therapy will help your brain and nervous system operate optimally.

When we eat healthy food, we hydrate with spring water and have the right mineral balance,  Our body will heal itself! Where can you get the electrical charge you need? (Lemon Light Lounge), PEMF – Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields!  the Pulse Centers machines that we have are called Cellular Exercise because it is just that. We have the pulse centers XL which is the Cadillac of PEMF therapy machines.  The pulsing magnetic field exercise your cells. The pulsing magnetic field gives your cells the energy they need to repair themselves. Energy heals and PEMF therapy is the way to deliver it.  

What are the benefits of Cellular Exercise?

  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Increased energy
  • Do more things with family
  • Eliminates joint pain
  • Increased range of motion
  • More flexibility
  • Return to normal life
  • Walk further
  • More vibrant energy
  • Feel better overall
  • And that is just a few…

Cellular Exercise (PEMF Therapy) is as easy as sitting in a chair or lying on a table to do.  It (PEMF) requires no real exertion on your part. PEMF Therapy can be combined with a few other things to achieve a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness; 1) Nutrition (we offer organic customized nutrition) green leafy vegetables and pesticide free products (organic) 2) Exercise – really any form of movement, the more intensity the better but only for short durations and preferably with lower impact on your joints 3) then recharge with PEMF therapy, finally 4) Hydrate with spring water. Itys just that simple.   These factors alone will get you where you want to be! If you need to detox and remove toxins form the body we can help you even more with PBM or Photobiomodulation and Far Infrared Sauna therapy.

In this day and age with high deductibles and rising costs and all of the unnatural products and solutions we need tools like PEMF therapy.  We need to try new ways of working and living and prevent disease. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein.   In 2009, NASA found that astronauts needed PEMF therapy when they left earth on long space missions. In Russia and eastern Europe they have been using PEMF therapy for a very long time as a way to fix their bodies and eliminate pain.  PEMF therapy removes the inflammation and gives your body the energy it needs to heal itself.

Many studies have indicated that an imbalance of energy precedes the onset of disease.  If the electrical imbalance is corrected the disease will not manifest. PEMF therapy helps the body heal and helps the body eliminate disease.  I met beautiful woman fighting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma who is now thriving. I met a fellow man that fought off Bladder Cancer and is thriving. There are numerous other case studies of people winning the battle against Lyme’s disease, Neuropathic pain, Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and so many more.   If you have a particular condition I will be happy to send you and research or testimonials.

By doing PEMF Therapy there are also multiple side benefits.  The cell walls are expanded and stretched in a way that they better absorb vital nutrients and oxygen.  The cells are fed more blood in general as our pulse is restored. 76% of our blood is delivered through the microcapillaries that carry our blood via these electromagnetic currents of energy.  Only 24% of blood is delivered to cells via veins, arteries etc. This is a profound effect on our body and literally bring it back to life and restores it! Dr. Martin Milner found that” …as the cells recharge themselves, they heal and return to OPTIMAL function.  “All Living cells have a natural charge created by the movement of ions in and out of the cell membrane.”

PEMF can help you in so many different ways.  If your health is challenged or if you simply want to feel better, come n and try a sample.  Perhaps one of the most profound impact is directly on our immune functions. Studies have found that Phagocytosis is increased by 52%.  In a our immune system, phagocytosis is a major mechanism used to remove pathogens (viruses & bacteria) and cell debris. The ingested material is then digested in the phagosome. Bacteria, dead tissue cells, and small mineral particles are all examples of objects that may be phagocytized.  Phagocytosis is perhaps the single best tool we have in our immune system So if you’re looking for a quicker way to get over that cold, flu or trauma PEMF therapy is your tool.

PEMF therapy is an amazing tool available to us now in the USA with Pulse centers machines that deliberate and effective way.  They are the best designed machines on the market! We have an amazing offer to come in and try it out and see if it works for you!  You will leave with belief.