1. Soon to Be New York’s Finest!

    To think my body could change after age 60 was unimaginable to me 7 years ago. On the other hand, during my entire fitness career (50+ years), I never had a champion until Deb Lemon. Her unwavering passion, encouragement, and kindness inspired me to put aside my age and misgivings, trusting that I, too, could be successful practicing Pilates. I was having so much fun that when the transformation b…Read More

    Janet Centrella Boland
  2. You are in for a treat

    I have been practicing Pilates with Deb for 7 plus years. She has helped me find capabilities in my body that I didn't know existed. Deb is a charismatic motivator with a passion for life, health and fitness that is infectious. She has an extensive knowledge of Pilates, an obvious love for her work, and a sincere desire to help her clients achieve their personal best. Look out Manhattan - you are …Read More

    Penny Dotts Schaffer
  3. There is no better workout

    Deb made Pilates accessible for me and our town and made me a lifelong pilates (and Deb) fan. Her passion and commitment to pilates and her clients make it so that you can't help but improve your own practice and your body! There is no better workout and no better teacher, you won't regret working with Deb...your body will thank you for it :)…Read More

    Amy Rubert Dobra