Extraordinary Explanations on Why Photobiomodulation is the Future of Wellness!

Photobiomodulation therapy is emerging as the new cryotherapy only better.  In fact 5/5 studies people who did Photobiomodulation performed better than those that did cryotherapy!  That’s pretty good evidence that #1 it is doing something significant (20% increases in strength) and its doing it better than something that is wildly popular right now.  Photobiomodulation especially in the right wavelengths, could be one of the most well-researched and effective performance enhancers currently available!

The unit we have at the Lemon Light lunge has 5 Wavelengths 2-Red, 1-Green and 2-Near Infrared.  Different wavelengths will affect performance in different ways. By optimizing the type and duration of light we receive, it’s possible to:

  1. improve sleep quality
  2. reduce inflammation
  3. slow aging
  4. provide more energy!

It does all of this by working at the cellular level, removing toxins., repairing tissue and getting the cells back into the business of producing energy efficiently.

More sleep?  Yes

, your body is more relaxed, out of discomfort and ready to restore itself mentally.  Sleep is really about the brain and getting it ready for the next days events.  Stress is gone and you are just simply in a better place to transition into a full sleep state.

Reduced inflammation?  Yes, by cleansing the cells of toxins and pushing the into the waste stream, you are eliminating the very source of inflammation.  The actual root cause of your pain and discomfort can finally go away!

Slower aging? Oxidative stress accumulations in the body are what causes us to age.  Read any book on the subject and it is true we do not have to age.  We can do it gracefully, pain free, with memories intact, just by eliminating oxidative stress.

More energy?  Absolutely!  This is perhaps the outcome you will notice the fastest.  The productivity of your cells will be immediately improved.  Instead of being occupied by toxins and stressors, your mitochondria will be purged and able to produce 300% more energy than they currently are.  This is a profound change.  This is what make Photobiomodulation such an effective pre or post work out tool.  When these units were only available in handheld configurations, it was for healing on specific area, but when you can target the entire body, the whole system recuperates and is lifted into a whole new level of energy production simultaneously.  Whole body photobiomodulation is where it is at!

Not all light is created equal and this is especially true when it comes to the human body. Blue light is great for entering our eyes and helping program our master clock, but red and near infrared light are effective for optimizing our performance beyond the norm.  The red and near infrared light spectrum are important because they are scientifically proven to be the best in activating cytochrome C oxidase (CCO) in the mitochondria.   This increases ATP production (energy) by the mitochondria, which gives our cells more energy. While the mechanisms are slightly different, these light wavelengths provide mitochondrial support that we all badly need in our lives.  Green light seems to trigger stem cells but it is not abundantly clear exactly how at this point, but when measured there was an observed gain in stem cells when Green light was part of the spectrum being offered.  The power of stem cells s immense in our bodies, so this is why we purchased a powerful, whole body unit with Green, Red and infrared lights.

Primary Benefits of Photobiomodulation

By increasing CCO and mitochondrial energy production, there are a number of downstream effects. Almost, if not all, benefits of Photobiomodulation revolve around this major advantage.

  1. Cognitive Enhancement– while less studied than some of the other Photobiomodulation benefits, there is ample evidence to suggest substantial cognitive enhancement through light therapy. A 2017 study in Photo-medicine and Laser Surgery showed that near infrared light therapy could increase reaction time with no adverse side effects.

We do know that cytochrome oxidase has a key role in neuronal physiology. This mechanism is the same as blue which increases memory formation, learning, and neuroprotection.

  1. Reduced Inflammation– inflammation is one of the scourges of physical and mental performance. It contributes to pain, brain fog, and a host of other chronic diseases. The most insidious aspect of inflammation is that we can “survive”, but we’re definitely not thriving.

Although applying direct red and infrared light to an inflamed area (i.e: injury) can be extra helpful, simple application to the body changes inflammatory markers in the blood. One study showed reduced numbers of pro-inflammatory cytokines (like TNF-a) in the blood after only 30 minutes.  On average the inflammatory markers fell by 34, 12, and 1.5 times the normal amount. The red and near infrared therapy seems to really move the needle in terms of inflammation (these aren’t trivial amounts).

  1. Anti-Aging – time takes a toll on us all, but red and near infrared light therapy can significantly reverse some signs of aging. This is most clearly seen with the skin.

One study showed using 20 minutes of 633 and 830 nm light (red and near infrared light therapy) could improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles in 91% of subjects. Another showed that red and near infrared light therapy stimulated collagen production to reduce aging skin. A final trial combined green teawith red light to find results that usually took 10 months were found in 30 DAYS

While most of the current evidence focuses on the skin (there are no epidemiological studies of people exposed purely to red and near infrared light), one can assume similar responses within other organs of the body.

  1. Increased Testosterone – if females enjoy the skin rejuvenating benefits of red light therapy, men will assuredly like increasing their testosterone. The light (especially when shined on the testis) stimulates Leydig cells, which increase testosterone production.

A study published in Biomedical Research showed that it only took 4 days to increase testosterone levels in animal models (in just minutes per day 670 nm wavelength). In that study plus another, using the wavelength of 808 nm had no impact, which shows that the wavelength does matter (red light specifically). So please don’t go perving around the neighborhood pool with your pants down…

Testosterone can increase muscle size and strength, but also has consequences for the brain. Low testosterone can reduce cognitive performance, mood, and accelerate signs of aging. Improving levels of testosterone can enhance mental performance.

Without going into too much detail, here are just some of the other benefits of near infrared and red light therapy:

  • Reduced joint pain / arthritis – better than a pill any day!
  • Remove toxins form cells (this may be the biggest benefit)
  • Better thyroid gland regulation – balanced energy throughout the day!
  • Weight loss / fat reduction (increases metabolism)
  • Muscle recovery and athletic performance (20 % stronger & personal bests!)

Why Not Spend More Time in the Sun?

With all the talk of red and near infrared light, it’s easy to think more time in the sun is your best bet. While sunlight is invaluable for vitamin D production there are a few things to consider.

  1. UV radiation can be harmful for the skin. Millions of people die from skin cancer annually and excessive UV light can be harmful .
  2. Earlier I mentioned that red and near infrared light therapy can reduce inflammatory cytokines (markers of inflammation), but UV radiation can increase
  3. The idea is to be targeted with our light exposure as much as possible. I’m not implying anyone should avoid a trip to the beach, a walk through the park, or spending time outside. For emotional and mental health alone, being outside is an imperative.
  4. What I am trying to say is that specific targeted use of light therapy, particularly in the red and near infrared wavelengths, can have more drastic benefits while reducing the risk of side effects.

Many of the studies done over the years have been published in the Pub Med database.  There are more than 3,000 successful studies that have guided the development of these Light Therapy machines.  Today though we Now have Whole Body machines.  Whole Body photobiomodulation is relatively New to the marketplace and we are just getting started realizing how great it really is.  Studies are just beginning.  The difference though between a single sided wall unit and hand held unit is Huge.   Applying these whole body machines on a frequent basis is like a fountain of youth that you can now have.

Just 8 minutes!  That’s all it takes.  Get in to the Lemon Light Lounge and get yourself some Photobiomodulation.   We are in the midst of a movement to prevention of disease.  A movement towards feeling good  and recovering quickly so that we can Look, Think , Feel and Perform better than ever!

We have the very best Photobiomodulation able on the market today!  You will feel the difference right away!  If you’ve tried Cryotherapy and enjoy it that’s fantastic.  Because Cryotherapy also makes you feel better, but Photobiomodulation gets you Better!  Come see us today!