Oxygen Enrichment Therapy


Oxygen is the source of life and prime energy. We can do without food and water, but not without oxygen. even for a few minutes. Give your body a premium experience with our State of the art EXAR system intended to lift and enrich your cells.

Benefits of Higher Oxygen Levels

  • Destroys Harmful Bacteria (Antimicrobial effect)
  • Enhances Ability of White Blood Cells to Remove Bacteria and Debris
  • Enhances the Growth of New Blood Vessels
  • Helps Prevent Infections
  • Improves Bone Regeneration for Faster Recovery
  • Improves the survival of tissues om the gray area of crush injuries
  • Increases the growth of cells that form reparative tissue
  • Increases Oxygen levels in tissues
  • Increases Oxygen Perfusion in the Area around Wounds
  • Increases Production & Improves the action of Osteoblasts & Osteoclasts

Increase Stem Cell Growth

  • Increases the Production of Collagen
  • Increases the White Blood Cell Production and Strength
  • Oxygenation Positively Affects the Blood Flow
  • Promotes Greater Tissue Strength
  • Significantly Reduces Edema
  • Significantly Reduces Swelling
  • Significantly Shortens the Inflammatory Process
  • Stimulates New Capillary Growth
  • Supports Scar Tissue Rehabilitation
  • Will Improve Range of Motion

  • Decreases Inflammation
  • Destroys Harmful Bacteria, Viruses, hepatitis, candid iasis, (Yeast overgrowth), Parasitic infections, Mycotoxicosis
  • Detoxifies – Reduces Environmental Toxin Load & Hypersensitivity to it
  • Improves Blood Circulation to the Capillaries
  • Speeds Up the Metabolic Process, Results in Additional Calories Burned.
  • Decreases Viscosity and separates the RBC’s
  • Supports Peripheral Vascular Disease and Arrhythmia
  • Improves Lung Function and Ability of RBC’s to pass on Oxygen in Emphysema, Asthma and Bronchitis
  • Promotes Anti-Aging by increasing Oxygen to the Cells, Tissue & Organs
  • Reduces Pain, Relaxes Tired Muscles: Fibromyalgia
  • Relieves Stress and Burnout – Nerves are Calmed
  • Reverses Hypoxia (lack of Oxygen (from Apnea)) in the Tissues – Gangrene, Diabetic, Infections and AIDS/HIV

Benefits for Everyone

Benefits for Athletes

  • Decreases the Onset of Anaerobic Fermentation
  • Increases Hormones to Balanced, Optimum Levels
  • Increases Production of ATP (energy for an organisms in daily operation)
  • More Energy and Faster Recovery
  • Acceleration of Wound Healing from Overuse and Stress
  • Increases Tissue Oxygenation
  • Oxidizes Lactic Acid and Buildup
  • Prevents & Builds Up Immunity Stress and Muscular-Tendinous Strain
  • Reduces Swelling, Bruising, Pain from Injuries and Speeds Healing


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