Feeling Good = Quality of Life

Sufficient exercise and good health go hand in hand, however, so do a good diet with proper nutrition, good sleep hygiene, avoidance of toxins, management of stress in our daily lives. When it comes right down to it, all these factors are difficult to manage on a daily basis and become somewhat of a balancing act. Overtime, the continual exposure to one or multiple of these factors will manifest into disease thus impacting the quality of our life. The diseases we contract in this case are completely related to the energy flow in our bodies. Our pulse and viscosity of blood flow, stress at the cellular level, ability to receive oxygen and manufacture ATP in our mitochondria and the levels of poison that exist in our bodies. Substances like Aluminum, Fluoride, Iron, Lead and Mercury trigger major malfunctions are showing up very frequently. Tests are available and I encourage you to check.

We say to ourselves “it’s just not fair, I eat healthy, I exercise, and I just can’t win.” The stressors to our healthy lifestyle comes at us from so many directions. Marketing the ease of use/convenience of products, great flavors and fast foods turn into bad short-term decisions, making it highly likely that we cannot always win when it comes to maintaining good health. The treatments we receive if we go to the doctor are just that, treatments. They do nothing to get at the root cause of the problem to provide the body with what it needs to beat the building disease form these exposures.

The Lemon Light Lunge consists of easy to use remedies to confront the things that make us sick and balance out the score. Each piece of equipment plays a separate role in a sequence in a protocol that enables our bodies to do what they were designed to do. The processes in the Spa are extremely focused on eliminating Oxidative stress which is the cause of 85% of chronic disease. In Step 1) The PEMF adds back the electromagnetic charge that degrades overtime. At the same time, we Oxygenate our blood with the Oxygen bar. Oxygen is primary to every process in the body. In Step 2) the PBM provides essential lights that cleanses our cells, renews ATP production and relaxes our vascular structure. The unit we have is the best on the market and provide an 8-minute cycles with 5 different “pulsing” light wavelengths shown to be efficacious (1 Green, 2 Reds and 2 Infrared). Most machines do not pulse, have less power and a longer cycle and only have one light (1 Red and maybe 1 infrared.) 3) the IR Sauna is the final detoxification step and enables a multitude of benefits by performing this final application if light and energy. Infrared Saunas are much more tolerable than the older styles and bring in a much better detoxification process because the Far Infrared light penetrate and through the skin.

Just like a car needs a tune up and an oil change, we need these therapies to get us back to normal. We rest the systems of our bodies back to their original factory settings. It takes consistency to win at anything in life but at the end of the day we are all human as well. The Lemon Light Lounge allows us to be humans and make mistakes from time to time and get back to health!

Reports on the PBM provide multiples stories of ~10lbs of fat being lost after 4-6 weeks of consistent use, multiple pains eliminated, and skin tone restored. There are more than 3,000 clinical studies that support positive results in a myriad of conditions. Links to those studies can be found on this site. The PEMF is becoming the new standard in sports recovery due to its ability to energize and eliminate pain in the body in a very targeted way. More than 4,000 successful clinical studies on the PEMF have been published. Testimonials on the PEMF range form Arthritis relief, fibromyalgia relief, injuries and broken bones healing much faster. Multiple clinical studies on the IR Sauna also provide strong support for 3-4% Weight loss while averaging 3 visits per week for 4 weeks. The lymphatic drainage and relaxation help reduce Oxidative stress.

The Lemon Light Lounge is a great atmosphere to be you, relax but also efficiently get through your therapy session and go on with your day or night. What a great way to spend time with friends, your significant other for a date night or just Be yourself and take care of what ails you and get your Bioenergetic flow optimized.