PLEASE NOTE: If you are new to Pilates, you are REQUIRED to schedule a private session prior to attending any group classes at our Pilates studio. If you have Pilates experience… but you are a bit “rusty”, you MUST schedule a private session before attending any group Pilates classes.

A Good Idea…

If possible… attend a Free Introduction to Pilates Class. These are offered at different times on the weekly schedule. If you cannot find one to fit your schedule, simply go on to choose one of the packages below. The Free Introduction is an informational session to discuss the benefits of pilates, meet one of the teachers, and see the studio. You will try a few exercises on the reformer, but it is not an actual “workout”. This is NOT in place of your private session.

Step One

Choose your Introductory Package (these are discounted and can be purchased one time only)

  • Get Started (one private session plus 5 group classes) $199
  • Get Started w/Privates (3 private sessions) $225
  • Buy Classes
Buy Now

Step Two

Send an email to and let us know you’re ready to set up your private session! Someone will reply within 24 hours.

What do I need to bring?

Your best smile! We have everything else you will need!

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable exercise clothing that isn’t too loose or baggy to your Pilates classes. Bring a hair tie for long hair so you can put it up. Only bare feet or grippy socks are allowed. Please do not wear tennis shoes or boots without socks as this is unsanitary for our equipment and for teachers who need to touch feet. Also, panties are required when wearing gym shorts or tennis skirts.

Anything else?

Classes at our Pilates studio in Lower Manhattan start and end on time. If you will be late, please come in and get settled quickly. If you need to leave early, just do so carefully and quietly. We also have a shower if you need it.

Please keep in mind that there is a 300-pound weight limit on all of our equipment. We are happy to work with anyone over 300lbs, but we will not start on the equipment.

Expiration dates for classes will not be adjusted. Late cancels will not be reversed. There are no refunds. Please do not ask. If you have classes that expired, you can pay a reactivation fee of 20% of the original price per class that was paid.

Monthly memberships (month to month & auto-renew) will be charged $35 for every “no show” or “late cancel” (less than 24 hours).

Please leave shoes in the shoe cubbies outside the studio door and hang coats, umbrellas, etc. outside the studio before entering. Bring your personal items with you into the studio, but try not to bring big bags or purses unless necessary. Please silence your phones. While waiting for a class to end, please keep conversations as quiet as possible.

The schedule is subject to change without notice. Clients will be notified of class cancellations via email/text.

If you have any more questions about our Financial District Pilates classes and Pilates studio, just give us a call!