Which one of these two people describes you when you participate in a group pilates class?

  1. “I let my ego lead me through the class and I am offended when the teacher corrects me or touches me.”
  2. “I am always looking for ways to get more out of my practice and I wish the teacher would touch me more.”

I’m not sure at what age or what the situation was before I realized I was Type A for way too long. My ego controlled me into thinking I didn’t need help. I took offense to think the teacher was touching or correcting me when I knew what I was doing. I was a fitness “guru” after all! My mind was closed to anyone else’s ideas or different ways of doing things. Basically…I thought I was a “know it all”.

The beauty of pilates (and most any exercise) is that the goal is to continually learn and improve. Or at least it should be. After years and years of practicing pilates, teaching pilates, training teachers, and just simply working out daily…I am still learning! I pay other teachers to “touch me”, “correct me”, and give me feedback. It is all a part of the journey. When I switched from Type A to Type B, my entire world changed…not just pilates!

Why do I even mention this and spend time discussing? Because too often I see people in my classes letting their ego lead them. I see the “old me” lying in front of me. My wish is for everyone to surrender and allow the transformation of learning and improving to happen. No professionally trained teacher ever wants a student in class to feel uncomfortable or less than perfect when they correct or touch. We’re basically saying, “I care about you and your practice”. More than that, I care that you are paying me to give you the best instruction possible. You invest in me…so I invest in you!