Meditation is the way we should begin all exercise sessions. It allows us to focus the mind on the results we wish to achieve thus enabling us to do just that. Meditation reduces Cortisol the hormone that stores Fat around our bellies. Cortisol is created when we feel stressed, meditation lowers Cortisol by reducing the stress. This sets our exercise session up to be enjoyable and the most effective fat burning session possible.

HIIT is awesome for Fat Loss! HIIT is the most effective way to lose fat. This was first shown back in 1994 by a study from the Laval University. They had 27 individuals who would either follow a steady state cardio program for 20 weeks or a HIIT program for 15 weeks consisting of 15 sprints lasting 30-seconds. Their finding was that participant who followed the HIIT program lost 9 times more body fat and 12% more visceral belly fat compared to the steady state cardio group. This is not just a small difference in finding. This is earth shattering and if you’re trying to drop a few…it is very welcome news.

Researchers believe HIIT is superior for fat loss due to 5 reasons:

  1. HIIT increases metabolic rate up to 24 hours after the workout!!!
  2. HIIT improves insulin sensitivity!
  3. HIIT results in higher levels of fat oxidation!!
  4. HIIT significantly spikes the powerful fat burning human growth hormone and the catecholamine hormones.
  5. HIIT suppresses appetite post-workout

Pilates is the complete exercise to close the session! Have you ever said any of these things? “I just want to stay strong and lean.” “I see my mom aging and know I want to keep my own body fit, strong, flexible and functional so I can live life to the fullest.” “I want an instructor/trainer who understands that I’m not 25 and trains me accordingly.” “I want to enjoy my workouts.” The Pilates Method of exercise may be the perfect exercise for you and here’s why: The Pilates Method combines strength, balance, and flexibility into one very efficient workout session that will keep you lean and strong. The Pilates Method focuses on using proper body mechanics and teaches you how to move in a way that will balance out your body and prevent injuries as you age. The Pilates Method is truly a movement practice that can be done at any level and can be done throughout your entire lifetime. The Pilates Method uses a variety of equipment and props so that there is a ton of variety. You’ll develop a practice of movements and exercises that become familiar to your body but you’ll also be continually challenged. I worked in fitness for more than 15 years before I discovered Pilates. Once I found and began I saw how quickly it fixed and changed my body for the better. I was hooked and fell in love with the many benefits outside of what is obvious to the eye. The mindset change, the connection within, the love I feel after a session, and the true feeling of being fit that I want everyone to experience!