Look out for Text Neck…hand-held, high-tech devices can be a pain in the neck, literally! We are using them more and more making the impacts happen more frequently and in less time. All over America, teenagers, young adults, business professionals, and other avid users of Smart Phones are going into see their Doctor and coming out with a diagnosis of Text Neck!

Our necks are created to support the weight of the head (upwards of 12-15 lbs.). But with all forward bending posture while looking at smartphone screens, this load is increased substantially creating neck discomfort, pain, and stiffness. This condition is now known as Text Neck. We will become as comfortable with this term and interventions as Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Sound familiar?

It’s a fact; repetitive movements and muscle overuse eventually lead to strain and injury. Curvature of the spine is also occurring which leads to headaches, stiff necks, neck aches and migraines. Orthopedic surgeons advise us “practicing good posture is key to avoid the condition.” However our susceptibility is made worse by lack of exercise, nutritional deficiencies and sedentary habits tend to weaken muscles, making people easy prey for this condition.

One of the greatest exercise modalities available to help us correctly modify our posture is Pilates. Pilates strengthens the muscles around our joints that need it and prevent injury from occurring at all. BodiesByPilatesNYC.com has created a system to address Text Neck “head on” and enable you to stay healthy. I created this class after observing the masses of people walking with their heads down and into the studio with forward curving neck (versus backward). This is not how our bodies were designed, no wonder there are so many issues arising.

This class will leave you feeling like you “have a neck “ again. Breathing, specific core strengthening exercises, along with neck “releasing” and “lengthening” exercises will be included. Several of these exercises and stretches can be done daily in the comfort of your home or office.