Congratulations! You have just decided to get to know me outside of Pilates!

I am 52 and I have spent more than 35 of my years in the industry of fitness. I LOVE TO MOVE! I also love to LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! I delivered 2 children of my own and I have 3 stepchildren (that’s 5 kids)! I care for my 20-year-old son who is Autistic. I run a business and a household. My point? I’m pretty freakin’ busy! I have no time for excuses. Either you want to make a change and do the work…or you don’t. I still love you either way!

I don’t know everything…but I know a lot! I know that people are still eating less and working out more…Ugh…this is so wrong! People are still drinking too much alcohol and still not controlling their stress and still wondering why nothing is changing. It’s still “ass-backwards” and I will die trying to change that! My true passion is to help people know what “fit” feels like before they leave this earth. Yes…most people will die and never truly know what being fit feels like. That makes me sad ☹

I love all exercise…pilates…spinning…boxing…yoga…weight training…you name it, I say DO IT! But I also say, find what changes your body. Just because you like to run, doesn’t mean it’s getting you the results you want. Just because you eat a salad for lunch and dinner, doesn’t mean you’re getting the results you want. Every “body” reacts to diet and exercise differently.

Are you sick of saying “I have no time”? Or “I just wish I had the discipline”? Get over yourself! Those are excuses! Every single one of us knows how to make the time for the things we really want to do. We all have discipline…you might just be “out of practice”. That’s where you start! STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Then it’s time to come see me…

Am I perfect? Hell fucking no! But I give my best effort every single day staying true to my own health and fitness. I know what “fit” feels like and anything less is unacceptable to me. I share what I know and what I do with you as your Body Boss. Sometimes you won’t like the workout. Sometimes you won’t like it when I tell you not to drink so much. But the goal is to make a change…a change physically, mentally, and possibly spiritually! The “spiritual” part for me is about being given one body…this “gift”, and treating it as such.

Can I even begin to tell you how many years I spent trying to find the “magic bullet” to truly loving my body? To everyone else, I was “fit” and had a “great body”. Fuck that! I knew I could look better but more importantly…FEEL FIT! I was a hamster on a wheel…More exercise, Less food…and absolutely NO CHANGE! It wasn’t until recently I discovered I was a “muscle burner”. OMG! Seriously? All this effort…all this time, just to find out I was wasting my time and energy. Yes…the true definition of INSANITY! Don’t even get me started on “skinny fat”! I see it every day in my studio. People obsessed with cardio to be smaller or weigh less. When in reality, they might be smaller than me, but they have no lean muscle, no curves, no shape or definition in the arms, legs, or belly. Skinny is just skinny. Fit is SEXY, HOT, and makes you feel so freakin’ good to be naked (guys and girls)! Imagine feeling good naked…it’s the BEST! You might just thank me for a better sex life once you know what it feels like to be fit!

What is Body Boss Training?

I will train you the same way I train myself for results! Your goal can be weight loss, muscle gain, fat burning, more definition, more lean, etc. Body Boss Training is for all of that and it’s for everyone from the “beginner” to the “already fit athlete” looking to make a change. Maybe you’ve had trainers in the past or maybe you are just starting out? It’s all good…

  • You get ME…your Body Boss (a seasoned certified personal trainer)
  • You get a FREE health assessment
  • You get specific nutrition coaching
  • You get a week of unlimited pilates classes (you choose your week)
  • You get “home workouts” when needed during the 12 weeks
  • You get RESULTS

How often do we workout?

Three times a week for four weeks. Each session is 30 minutes and includes these components:

  1. 5 minutes Meditation (get your hormones right before your workout)
  2. 10 minutes Whole Body Workout (it’s ALL you need)
  3. 10 minutes Assisted Stretching (because no one stretches enough)
  4. 5 minutes accountability/measure progress (because we need to see results)

What do I need?

A “badass attitude”, discipline, and the determination to make a change!

When do we meet?

We make a plan together based on our joint availability.


Twelve sessions are $960

*Note: This program is based on availability between the hours of 7am and 5pm Monday thru Friday (occasional weekends).