1. What is Pilates?

    What is Pilates? When your best friend is constantly talking about her Pilates classes…and you finally say “what is Pilates”?  I guarantee they will struggle to answer.  Ask any Pilates teacher “what is Pilates”?  I promise you they will have a lot to say…but you will more than likely…Read More

  2. PEMF a Potent Immune Boost for your Body

    I continue to learn and am amazed by all the benefits of PEMF therapy!  Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is part of the planet. On average Earth puts of an electromagnetic field of 7.8hz (Low intensity).   Lightning is also delivery this energy very acutely 8-10 million times a day. In areas …Read More

  3. When you participate in a group Pilates Class

    Which one of these two people describes you when you participate in a group pilates class? “I let my ego lead me through the class and I am offended when the teacher corrects me or touches me.” “I am always looking for ways to get more out of my practice and I wish the teacher would touch me m…Read More


    Feeling Good = Quality of Life Sufficient exercise and good health go hand in hand, however, so do a good diet with proper nutrition, good sleep hygiene, avoidance of toxins, management of stress in our daily lives. When it comes right down to it, all these factors are difficult to manage on a daily…Read More


    …the Lemon Light Lounge will reset your body back to its original factory settings We are focused on delivery the highest quality modalities to provide customers who wish to be there very best, the quickest bath to success. …Whether that is as a Pilates guru, Cross fit champion, Distance/Maratho…Read More

  6. The Lemon Method

    Meditation is the way we should begin all exercise sessions. It allows us to focus the mind on the results we wish to achieve thus enabling us to do just that. Meditation reduces Cortisol the hormone that stores Fat around our bellies. Cortisol is created when we feel stressed, meditation lowers Cor…Read More

  7. Do you have a “Stiffie”?

    Look out for Text Neck…hand-held, high-tech devices can be a pain in the neck, literally! We are using them more and more making the impacts happen more frequently and in less time. All over America, teenagers, young adults, business professionals, and other avid users of Smart Phones are going in…Read More

  8. How Pilates Saved my Life

    Why I teach Pilates and how it Saved My Life… Everybody has their own story as to why Pilates changed them, whether it be physically or emotionally. Until now, I always thought Pilates reformed me only physically by changing and improving how I looked on the outside. That is still true. But more i…Read More