Photobiomodulation is a term that defines how light can stimulate positive cellular changes.  The actions are dose dependent.  Stimulatory light therapy requires light intensity that is powerful enough to penetrate and load the cells with photons but not too powerful in that it might break down cellular function  (don’t be fooled by light bulbs in sauna).

Over 3000 research studies with 500+ RCT’s since NASA’s ground-breaking work in 1996, have highlighted the numerous benefits to the tissues, organs and systems in the body that accrue after low level light therapy treatments.  The benefits span aesthetics (skin and hair), wellness, performance and recovery, pain relief and cognition.   It’s no longer a promising alternative, LED Light Therapy helps people Feel, Think, Look and Perform Better.

Research suggests:

Cellular Benefits:     The cellular benefits from Photobiomodulation may be summarized as:

(1) reduced inflammation – the root cause of disease and chronic pain.

(2) improved circulation – relaxed vessels w/blood flow to the cells to provide nutrition & oxygen.

(3) improved mitochondrial function producing energy or ATP, the batteries of our cells.

(4) improved quality of blood circulating, less free radicals, more nutrients

(5) increased detoxification of waste, pushing these items out of cells & to the lymphatic system.

You Just Get Better!     The benefit curve of Photobiomodulation is often called “too good to be true” because of these cumulative actions inside the cell and cellular environment.  Stimulation of positive changes are expected to cascade down into the tissues, organs and systems of the entire body.  Healing the cells, light therapy in research is said to become a root cause mechanism that can benefit the entire body.  Everything improves, you just get better.

Below are general classifications of benefits that researchers have studied and identified.

Performance and Recovery:     Performance benefit studies have shown that athletes are stronger (increased single rep max), faster (increased reps in a given time period), have more endurance (increased reps prior to failure) after treatments and they are better protected during competition against injury and mechanical damage (preconditioning) that might occur during intense training thus shortening recovery time.  “The ARRC LED is the real deal.  Athletes are going stronger and faster and people are getting healthier”.   Bill Hanks Cryo Recovery

Wellness:     Cellular and intercellular function is the building block for Wellness.  Dysfunction of either the cell or environment is often the root cause of the broad range of diseases that plague mankind.  If we can improve cell function and detoxify the cellular environment, then the benefits trickle down into the tissues, organs and systems.   “With Cryotherapy my clients feel better fast, with the ARRC LED, they get better”.  Charles Smith Chill Zone Cryo

Pain Relief:     Pain relief benefits can be both immediate and improve over time.   Often joint damage, wounds, nerve pain and musculoskeletal pain is quickly reduced while accelerating root cause healing for the long term.  “Edge saved my life Michael, I’m Sp, So happy.  No diabetes med., my eyes are in great shape, no HBO meds.  At 69 I feel amazaing.  Just got my 20th Poly tx on Saturday!  Ana

Cognition:     Cognitive benefits have shown that Near Infrared light can improve and restore brain function in cases of TBI, CTE, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  “My son is a changed man.  He used to have depression and brain fog from concussions from football.  After 3 sessions he is happy and smiling again.”   Mother of high school athlete who came in for a pulled hamstring.

Aesthetics:     Skin related benefits include improved wound healing, increased collagen formation and tightening of the elastin layer.  Green light seems to be beneficial for dermal wound healing, as well as hyperpigmentation, acne, MRSA and similar surface issues.  “My skin has never looked better” And “the women are loving this as their hair is getting thicker”.  And “My eyelashes are getting longer like when I was in High school.”  Frequent comments. 

Preconditioning:     Research suggests that light therapy administered prior to invasive interventions like surgery, or as a prelude to athletic competition can precondition the body to respond better to that intervention accelerating recovery time and improving outcomes.  “I used to limp around for the rest of the day after Peak 8 on the stairs.  When I precondition with the ATP, I look for the next workout and the pain in my knee and foot from a 40 year-old injury is gone.   3 sessions and I stop walking with a limp.“  M Mcintyre   ‘I did 5 days in a row for 20 minutes on ATP to see what happens if my clients ‘over dose’.   I felt incredible.  I wasn’t even training and I hit my personal best on the bench every day I tried.”  Dr Sonners  

Healthy Aging:    At the heart of aging theory is the dysfunction of cells energy centers, the mitochondria.   Companies are investing heavily into finding a compound that might be taken to slow, halt or reverse mitochondrial dysfunction with the end goal of being able to market a drug that can slow the aging process.

Light therapy has been shown to slow, halt and even reverse mitochondrial dysfunction.   Research has shown that it cleans up the ATP producing respiratory chain and can cause smaller damaged mitochondria to merge together to create giant mitochondria.

Light in the right dose over extended periods of time could prove to be a key factor in slowing the aging process based on published research.  Companies are investing millions to find a pill to do what PBM is doing now. 

Light as a Supplement:     We envision light as an essential nutrient, like air and water.  Our high-tech society filters beneficial light from our eyes and body.  We want and need these beneficial wavelengths.  Photobiomodulation allows us to separate out and deliver the beneficial visible and near infrared wavelengths without damaging UV light.

“We don’t think about the human body in terms of photosynthesis and the process isn’t exactly the same, but our body needs light to produce energy and to survive.”  Dr Sonners

Light is essential.   People Feel, Think, Look and Perform …Better.

The units we have here at Lemon Light Lounge and can sell are the most advanced and cost effective in the industry


Whole Body Photobiomodulation Chamber

ATP is a high power, pulsed polychromatic photobiomodulation chamber.  It combines 5 researched wavelengths delivered from the world’s premier LED producer.  Pulsing seems to produce more benefits than a continuous current system.


ATP is built to be expandable, meaning as we learn more as a company about combination technologies, current owners will be able to upgrade to those changes.   Buyers of ATP base system will have the opportunity to grow the system to match technological changes as we advance.   No Obsolescence with ATP.

Already XL     ATP is a full body system designed to support professional athletes up to 6’10” and 350 pounds.  The custom-built Aluminum Alloy frame was designed to equally accommodate both professional athletes and people challenged with mobility issues.


3500 Watts / 30 AMP / 220 V / Leviton 2620 Outlet

Pulsed or Continuous Current Option

5 Wavelengths

  • 528 Green
  • 633 Red
  • 660 Red
  • 810 Near Infrared
  • 850 Near Infrared

Incredible Irradiance

Avg Power mid 40’s mW/CM2

Up to high 80’s mW/CM2 with certain wavelengths

100,000 Joules in 20 Min for average male body

Recommend 8 – 15 minute treatments